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The Fairy Love Song (Pulling Bracken)


Fairies are known to be fickle, but this time it's a mortal girl who leaves a poor little fairy pining.

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 below.

In an unusual twist on the typical fairy/mortal love story, this song is sung by a forlorn fairy who met a young mortal girl while she was out cutting bracken (ferns) and fell in love.  When her family discovered her secret lover, they locked her away.   Now he sits on the hillside, pulling the bracken, despairing over her.  This arrangement plays up the pining tone with some jazzy chords and also includes some fun running left-hand patterns.

A Dorian (Key of G). Intermediate; no lever changes; includes notes and words, 2 pages of music.

Listen to The Fairy Love Song (software-generated mp3)