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My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone


A lovely, unusual tune in the Dorian mode.

My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone is a great piece because you can play it fast or slow. Like many of Susan's arrangements, you can play the notation "as writ" or use the arrangement to launch your own version or improvisations. This arrangement is versatile because has 2 verses, one more simple to play than the other. You can mix up the verses, tempi, etc. and create a dramatic piece. ~Robin Stadnyk

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 at the bottom of the page.

No lyrics remain for this lilting Robin Hood ballad. In the Dorian mode, it is very suitable for therapeutic harp work.   It can be played on any harp with at least a full octave below middle C.
D Dorian (key of C). Early intermediate; no fingerings or brackets; 2 pages.

Listen to My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone (software-generated)