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My Love is Gone to Sea


A sweet Scottish tune with an air of sadness, arranged for two levels.

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 at the bottom of the page.

In this sweet tune, you can really hear the bittersweet longing of a girl missing her beloved, as if she's trying to put a brave face on but not quite managing it.

I've included arrangements at two levels, late beginner and intermediate (or play them in succession for a longer arrangement).  Other than the twice-occurring low A--which can be played up an octave--the first version can be played on a therapy harp (lowest note the C below middle C).  Some fingerings and brackets included.  In A minor (Key of C); no lever changes; two pages (one per version).

Listen to My Love is Gone to Sea (software-generated) easier version

Listen to My Love is Gone to Sea (software-generated) harder version