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Come Live With Me and Be My Love


A favorite old English tune, with a sweet, lilting melody, set simply for beginners. Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 below.

Finding engaging repertoire for beginners can be difficult.  That's why I arrange many of my favorite tunes especially for my own adult students.   The first verse of this lovely piece is accessible to anyone who has mastered overlapping brackets.  In the second verse, students get to work on 4-2-1 patterns, rolled chords, and placing and sliding into chords.

A minor (Key of C). One page; no lever changes; fingering and brackets included.  The first verse fits on a small harp; the second verse can be played one octave higher on a small harp (a nice effect for any harp).

Listen to Come Live With Me and Be My Love (software-generated mp3)