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Carolan’s Draught


Why play exercises when you can play what's arguably the most charming of Carolan's pieces? You'll learn the same techniques and have way more fun! Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 below.

This arrangement of Carolan's Draught pulls out all the stops, in honor of the showman the Turlough O'Carolan was reputed to be.  The tune gives your right hand a fingering workout, but in a way that is completely "harpistic".  Fingering includes thumb slides.  I've added parallel scale passages, open hand octaves, lovely open tenth chords, and many other fun touches to the accompaniment.  This piece is a great etude for late intermediate players, and perfect for recitals and gigs (and works beautifully as a wedding processional, too).

Three pages; no lever changes; key of C.  Includes all right-hand fingerings. Arranged for full-sized harp (lowest note second G below middle C), but the few low left-hand passages are easy to move up an octave. 3 pages of music.

Listen to Carolan's Draught (software-generated mp3):