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Cantiga of Alfonso Sabio


This is of one of the loveliest of the Cantigas from the court of Alfonso Sabio of Spain, ideal for therapeutic harpists to add to their Dorian mode repertoire.

I needed to quickly add to my repertoire to play at an art show reception. One of the pieces I used was Susan’s arrangement of the Cantiga of Alfonso Sabio. It’s a simple arrangement for lap harp, but it sounded marvelous on my 34-string harp. She has a nice little motif in the bass that really adds to the medieval feeling of this song. ~Susan Rutherford

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 file at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes a beautiful tune in an appropriately simple setting is the most satisfying, and certainly the most useful for many healing settings.  This peaceful and moving tune in the Dorian mode is also a great "next piece" for beginning harpists who are ready for something a bit different than the standard Celtic repertoire.

Late Beginner level; D Dorian (Key of C); no lever changes,  fits therapy-harp range.  One page.

Listen to Cantiga of Alfronso Sabio (software-generated)