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Binnorie (Two Sisters)


This sorrowful tale is about murder between sisters. The murdered sister extracts her revenge through the actions of a troubadour, so it's a natural for every harp player's repertoire.

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 below.

The Celtic tradition is full of ghost stories, but in this one from Scotland the harp plays a central role. When a passing harper makes a new harp from the golden hair and white breastbone of a lovely murdered maiden, it starts to sing the story of her cruel sister's betrayal.  This arrangement of the haunting tune includes a recurring motif as introduction and interlude, with three different verses. One of the verses features the melody in the left hand with floating chords above it.


Two pages of music. Key of Am, no lever changes, intermediate level.  No fingerings or brackets.

Listen to Binnorie (Two Sisters) (software-generated mp3):