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Air from the Harpsichord Pieces by G. F. Handel


Georg Friedrich Handel's Air (HWV 471) in B flat major is a charming piece, originally for harpsichord. While it is simple, it is beautiful, sure to please both the performer and listeners.

Read more and listen to the software-generated mp3 below.

Handel's Air for harpsichord is short and sweet. In this arrangement for harp, the right hand and left hand alternate in importance. For more advanced players this piece provides a good basis for ornamentation or improvisation. Great for practicing hand independence and scales, but more fun than an etude!

Two pages; intermediate; several lever changes (B flat to B natural, F to F#, Eb to E); key of B flat major. Suggested fingerings included. Arranged for full size harp (lowest note second F below middle C), but easy to adapt for therapy harp as there are only a few notes outside the range.

Listen to Air (software-generated mp3):