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This tune is about a forlorn mermaid, tricked into staying on land.  Once she finds and reclaims her power to transform back into a mermaid, she returns to the sea. However, as a creature of two worlds, she will be forever divided.

G Mixolydian (Key of C); intermediate; 2 pages. Includes grace notes and running left-hand patterns.  No lever changes.

Listen to The Mermaid's Song (software-generated mp3)

This gorgeous song, sung by a mermaid who must leave her child, has been a hit with my students, many of whom have learned the beginner version and then "graduated" to the intermediate version another year. The intermediate version features rippling 16ths in the introduction, descending sixths, lush chords, and a left-hand melody.

Both versions fit on a therapy harp (lowest note C below middle C).  Key of C. No lever changes. Beginner version includes fingering and brackets; intermediate version has some suggested fingerings.

Listen to The Sea Maiden (software-generated mp3) beginner version

Listen to The Sea Maiden (software-generated mp3) intermediate version

This piece evokes the haunting world of the silkies, the seal-people of the Orkney Islands.  This arrangement includes not just the more familiar tune but another, less common traditional tune as well. The sections are set apart by triplets rippling like water--not difficult to play, they create a lovely effect.

Notes included.  G Mixolydian (Key of C).  Leave out the low A's to play on your therapy harp. Intermediate level; no lever changes; no fingerings.  Two pages.

Listen to The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry (software-generated mp3)