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Sometimes a beautiful tune in an appropriately simple setting is the most satisfying, and certainly the most useful for many healing settings.  This peaceful and moving tune in the Dorian mode is also a great "next piece" for beginning harpists who are ready for something a bit different than the standard Celtic repertoire.

Late Beginner level; D Dorian (Key of C); no lever changes,  fits therapy-harp range.  One page.

Listen to Cantiga of Alfronso Sabio (software-generated)

The Saint Magnus Church in the Orkney Islands, one of the largest Medieval churches in Norway, was inaugurated in 1137. The oldest known manuscript for this hymn to its saint is dated 1280. For the first verse, I have kept the emphasis on the original thirds (unusual for the time). The second verse features sixths against a bass pattern that takes advantage of the lovely arpeggios that are so effective on the harp. The mood should be kept gentle and reverent.

Includes PDLT technique; fits therapy-harp range.

Early intermediate level; no lever changes.  F Lydian (key of C). Two pages.

Listen to Hymn to Saint Magnus (software-generated)