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This easy arrangement of this beautiful hymn is perfect for christmas services and candle-light meditations. A great addition to any beginning harpist's holiday repertoire!

Two pages; beginner; no lever changes; key of C major. Chord symbols included. Arranged for full size harp (lowest note second G below middle C, highest note second C above middle C).

Listen to In the Bleak Midwinter (software-generated mp3):

This beautiful carol was made popular by the Irish harpist Áine Minogue. It's a beautiful addition to any beginner's holiday repertoire.

One page; beginner; no lever changes; key of A minor. Chord symbols and fingerings included. Arranged for full size harp (lowest note second E below middle C, highest note second A above middle C).

Listen to Jezebel Carol (software-generated mp3):

This tune is a great fit for any program about fairies, the mysteries of Celtic lore, or, best of all, the adventures of harpers.

Late beginner or early intermediate; A minor (key of C).  One and a half pages of music.  No lever changes, fingerings or bracket. Includes an interlude and text.

Listen to Thomas the Rhymer (software-generated mp3):

Finding engaging repertoire for beginners can be difficult.  That's why I arrange many of my favorite tunes especially for my own adult students.   The first verse of this lovely piece is accessible to anyone who has mastered overlapping brackets.  In the second verse, students get to work on 4-2-1 patterns, rolled chords, and placing and sliding into chords.

A minor (Key of C). One page; no lever changes; fingering and brackets included.  The first verse fits on a small harp; the second verse can be played one octave higher on a small harp (a nice effect for any harp).

Listen to Come Live With Me and Be My Love (software-generated mp3)

In the old days in Celtic lands, the people believed that when a once-healthy infant wasted away, the fairies had stolen the healthy baby and left a changeling in its place. The tune has a lovely lilt, and is arranged so beginners can easily enjoy it.  It features a gorgeous descending bass line, and the second verse is played up an octave and features a few easy grace notes and broken chords.

Key of G, no lever changes, beginner level.  Includes fingerings and brackets.

Listen to Highland Fairy Lullaby (software-generated mp3):

This is one of those pieces that students want to play as soon as they hear it.  It makes a fine recital or performance piece.

Under the Waterfall teaches pattern recognition, climbing inversions and playing 3-finger arpeggios.  I suggest practicing with block chords to achieve evenness and fluidity. I've included dynamics, though instead I recommend that you experiment with several different options.

It can be played on any harp with at least a full octave below middle C.
Key of C. Beginner; no lever changes; includes fingerings and brackets; 2 pages.

Listen to Under the Waterfall (software-generated)

Sometimes a beautiful tune in an appropriately simple setting is the most satisfying, and certainly the most useful for many healing settings.  This peaceful and moving tune in the Dorian mode is also a great "next piece" for beginning harpists who are ready for something a bit different than the standard Celtic repertoire.

Late Beginner level; D Dorian (Key of C); no lever changes,  fits therapy-harp range.  One page.

Listen to Cantiga of Alfronso Sabio (software-generated)