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These arrangements of The Wexford Carol are great for the late intermediate or advanced harpist.

Each arrangement two pages; intermediate/advanced; several lever changes; key of C or G. Chord symbols included. Arranged for full size harp (lowest note second C below middle C, highest note third 3 above middle C) or therapy harp (lowest note C below middle C, highest note third G above middle C).

Listen to The Wexford Carol (software-generated mp3):

Listen to The Wexford Carol (therapy harp) (software-generated mp3):

This is a good addition to any more advanced harpist's repertoire. The unique Russian style comes through beautifully on the harp!

Two pages; advanced; many lever changes. Arranged for larger harp (lowest note second D below middle C, highest note second E  above middle C).

Listen to a software generated mp3:

Fun fact: Borodin promoted women's education, and founded a school of medicine in St. Petersburg for women.

This arrangement of Carolan's Draught pulls out all the stops, in honor of the showman the Turlough O'Carolan was reputed to be.  The tune gives your right hand a fingering workout, but in a way that is completely "harpistic".  Fingering includes thumb slides.  I've added parallel scale passages, open hand octaves, lovely open tenth chords, and many other fun touches to the accompaniment.  This piece is a great etude for late intermediate players, and perfect for recitals and gigs (and works beautifully as a wedding processional, too).

Three pages; no lever changes; key of C.  Includes all right-hand fingerings. Arranged for full-sized harp (lowest note second G below middle C), but the few low left-hand passages are easy to move up an octave. 3 pages of music.

Listen to Carolan's Draught (software-generated mp3):

One of three arrangements of Clair de Lune that happily bridge the gap in currently available arrangements for lever harp, between the very easy excerpts of the piece, and the near-original versions out of reach of most lever harp players.

This version is as close as possible to the original, while being arranged to be more accessible than a straight transcription.

Advanced version, for full-sized lever harp tuned in Eb.: four pages, lots of lever changes, harmonics. Includes the whole piece, minus one transition.

Listen to Clair de Lune advanced arrangement (software-generated mp3--harmonics do not sound)